Monday, March 1, 2010


Having a happy family is my definite dream in my life. Having a happy family with my lover and my children is a scenery that always haunts me. I often imagine that my family go to the countryside and touch the nature together, approaching the seashore, grove and field. I cannot imagine any other thing but living with my family happily.
In a family, we are surrounding with a love at home. Love to my mum , dad, brother, sister, and daughter. My family is the ones who make me happy. I am really happy to have a happy, loving, comfortable family. To repay my happiness of having a happy family in life, what I can do is to try my best to put on a smile no matter what happens
I really love my family. I like during my family gathering. At this time, we chat all about the past story. During us all still child. The moments, the first experience riding a motorcycle, when I try to gear up a hill using gear 4. It really funny can u imagine that? Moreover, the moment when I want to go school and unfortunately my sister falls in the drain and so many funny things that I can’t forget. This gathering makes our relationship more closer.

sweet memory,,,during my brother wedding..

i love my brother n sister so much!!

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