Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TODAY...17 MEI 2010

Salam...want to talk about my day today,,first class acc at 2.oop.m...
kteorg  ader 2 lecture..first puan nurul hidayah ahmad nawawi and encik ahmad joned..
pelik kan der 2 lecture dlm 1 mse...
first lecture akan cover 4 chapter n second lecture will cover 3 chapter,,,
so,,add up,,,cover all chapter...
tpi yg x bestnyer,,ari rabu niee dah der first quiz...second week first test,,then 2 mggu lgi second test,,
so fast right???
x tau lar..i leh wat ke x..hope i can score...at least A..so high my expectation right,,,
erm...second week i will go back home,,
x sbar nk tggu mse 2...coz all my sibling..will go back home 2,,
it such a time that i most wait..
coz want 2 celebrate my mum birthday..
lmbat ckit coz mse besday mum sume x dpat cuti,,,,so kteowg tunde lar
sori yer mum..lmbat ckit celeberate..but kteowg x kan lupe birthday mum,,
i love u mum...very much...

sudi2 lar comment n jgn lupe tekan button babble n bloglist,,have fun,,

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