Sunday, October 3, 2010


16 SETEMBER 2010..nie adelah hri2 bhagia akak ku…akakku kini telah sah dimiliki oleh owg,,hehehe…..bermakne,,owg laen x leh kacaw dah,,hahahahahha,.and welcome to bakal abang iparku…ke keluarga ENCIK OTHMAN AND PUAN such a tired day,,but it full of happiness,,,=)…..
We are happy taking picture together,,n one thing that I can forget at that time is everbody ask me,,either im is my sister twin,,hehehhehe,,n I say no,,but they say ur face look same,,hahahha,,akak ku ader kembar 3 upenyer,,kat bwah nie aq ngi korang tngok gmbar tuang akak aq,,,,

for more picture,,,,at next post k,,,wait for the coming picture!!!!!!

sudi2 lar comment n jgn lupe tekan button babble n bloglist,,have fun,,

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