Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I love you, Daddy! Happy Birthday DaD!"

Give 'em a hug, a great big
Because one day, he will be greatly missed.

My daddy has gone far away from this land,
I miss the precious touch of his loving hands.

I never knew last year was the last day,
I could look at my daddy, hug him, and say:
"I love you, Daddy! Happy Birthday DaD!"

Don't let one day go by without telling him
how dear he is!
Remember you may not have another year to tell him this!

All I have now is great memories, a heart
full of love and eyes full of tears, and
to remember his love throughout the years.

Now I will have to look up at the stars and
say, "I love you, Daddy! Happy Birthday Daddy!"

Please remember when you pray, to thank your 
heavenly father up above. 
For your father he gave you with so much love.

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mysara said...

13feb ni bezday ayah mai plak..:)

DhiYa KiRaNa said...

hargai lar ayah kite slagi die ader,,,=)
have a nice day with ur dad this coming 13 feb

SiLabiLabi said...

Bapak Labi-Labi je dah takde dah.. semoga beliau dicucuri rahmat Allah

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