Monday, March 15, 2010

my father and mother....

I'm not coming from a rich family but yet we are coming as an ordinary family who has lots of HAPPINESS & LOVE from each other. What I want to say next?? Hmmm...Well  I love my family much….so many thing I learn from my family…especially about love…I have a big family...2 sister 2 brother and 1 younger brother..

First of all let me introduce my dad…The person who I really respect…I’m really proud of my father because he is wonderful man. He is very hardworking, responsible …sometime he quit strict…but the strict make me born to be a human right know …n he has already retired from work as a manager…n now just finish her time at home...With gardening and relax…at her dreaming home that he built at JOHOR..

Some description about him
BORN: 10 FEBRUARY 1949…now 61 years old...
HOBBY: gardening and fishing…
        He has created such an nice beautiful garden just in front of my home…and my home had win the most beautiful home…because of my father…if u all want to see with ur own eye…ur most welcome to my home at KAMPUNG RAJA,PAGOH,MUAR,JOHOR…n fishing is her hobby during free time…sometime I will join him fishing..n it really interesting experience…n no wonder lar…my father like fishing…fishing teach us to be more patient…

my beloved...mum..
Now let me introduce the person who I love most…that is my mum...HAJJAH RAMLAH BINTI ISMAIL…she is just retired from work as  a Felda Officer at Felda Keratong 4 , Pahang…now she 54 years old…Born…10 may 1956….she is lovely beautiful mother. Actually my mum is very strict woman but she has a very good character which I admire with. She is very understanding, helpful, sporting and hardworking. She is always beside me whenever I need her …she will do anything to fulfill her daughter needed although sometimes she felt very difficult to do it …especially related with my study..Cooking is her specialty. I cannot miss her cooking even a day.  But now…I will miss her cooking because I’m at Malacca right now…she has same hobby with my father...that is gardening…
One thing that will make her happy if I success in my study …she always give support…all the time…she said nothing is impossible…what u must do is work hard…and don’t forget with ur God…
Her tears will always come as her daughter get good result in study…It shows her happiness and felt that all their tiredness will loss when she saw her daughter be successful…and I will promise to my self…one day I will pay her scarify…with my successful,,,
Lastly…I want to said…I love u ( mum ) more than myself…without u…I will not at here right now…  Thank you for loving and nurtures me. Thank you for giving me opportunity to breathe and know what the world is all about. Thank you for giving me a great motivation and inspiration.

…Dedicated to my lovely mum…

Mom, you're a wonderful mother,
So gentle, yet so strong.
The many ways you show you care
always make me feel I belong.
You're patient when I'm foolish;
You give guidance when I ask;
It seems you can do most anything;
You're the master of every task.
You're a dependable source of comfort;
You're my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.
I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
If I had my choice of mothers,
You'd be the one I'd select!

Everything Mom
How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid.
How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.
I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I'd call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all

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