Monday, March 15, 2010


No matter how young or old you are, the term friends forever are something that makes you smile. It might make you think about your first best friend, way back when you were four years old. Or a good friend that you have today that you hope will always be there for you. Friends forever mean just that – a friend until the end of time. This is a gift that is very rare indeed, and should be cherished. But even friendships that don't last as long as they are supposed to are amazing gifts as well. You will have many friendships in your life time and some friendships will grow and change over time. Sometimes you'll have a great circle of with whom you enjoy every waking moment. There might be a period of time – from weeks to months to years – in which you are completely inseparable. You share all of your secrets, tell your friend your ultimate desires, and know that no matter what he or she says, you'll be there for them as well. However, gradually, most friendships change. People move on, or grow older, or get involved in different activities that push them away from their friends. This is a perfectly natural part of life – no matter what age you are.
Hopefully, friends that were at one time your best friends will still be friends in time to come, even if you don't talk to them every day, or even every month or year. Some friendships turn out that way – with hardly any communication after the friendship has faded away. However, this is ok, because part of being a friend knows when its time to move on to another friendship or to closer ties with someone else. If you are careful in how you grow apart, and if it isn't a huge fight that ends your friendship, chances are good that your old friends will still be there, somewhere, if you ever need them. A friendship that was at one time a best friendship will rarely disappear entirely, even if both parties grow apart.
There are the friendships that do, indeed, last forever. Sometimes people are friends from a very young age and travel through all of life's paths together. They might stay in the same town, go to the same school, and then end up settling down near each other. Or, they might move away, but stay in such close contact that their friendship never changes. These are rarities, but they are gifts that should be always cherished. True friends forever friends take dedication and work for many years, and you must be sure to never break the trust of this type of friend.
Friends forever mean that you'll always have friends – even if those friends change with time. Sometimes, a friend can be there for you in your darkest hour, but doesn't end up being there as much for you when the sun comes out. These are friends that are also to be cherished – friends that know when you need them, and then, when you no longer need them as much, move on to someone else who needs them as well. No matter what type of friends you have in your life – cherish the moments when they are truly your best friends. Whether they'll stay that way forever or grow apart a bit, they'll always be there in your heart and will always be a cherished memory.

miss u all..student banking,,UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Johor Bahru

snap picture after majlis gempa gempita

sweet memory

diana,,,mia,,ad,,n fara( king )

during bowling melela
fara..xeera,,,zureen and adeq..

roomate b 403

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Anonymous said...

friendship more meaning when you find someone that can bring you happines and sometimes their sadness can make you cry...

Anonymous said...

friendship more meaning when you find someone that can bring you happines and sometimes their sadness can make you cry...

QieLa said...

Friend... Hm.. Friendship is meaningful to other and to me also.. for me the good friend is always with us whether when we happy or sad right??? Hm.. miss all my old friend... Hope can meet them again.. Hopefully..