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Hey everyone...let me introduce myself…given name...LIYANA BINTI OTHMAN...just call me yana,ana or anything that sound nice,,as long as it easier to call me,, im virgo and was born in Pahang,,but now im stay at muar,johor,,im 23  years old up to 2013 …on 21 september officially graduated from UiTM in Human Resourse Management.

Here some description about me:

Music that I like
Any music..that suit my feelings at that time,,as long as I enjoy it,,,Such as opic song,aizat song,,,,,n so on

Interests…surf internet,,,

Im allergies to CAT…But it doesn’t means I don’t like cat…Whatever happen I still love cat,,,to me it most adorable creatures,,,(mahluk tuhan yang paling comel,,,)I love CAT..pleaz don’t separate me form cat…

Favorite food n drink
Drink,,,aq x suke minum susu,,any susu.. so pham2 jer lar,,just certain air susu jer aq leh time,,contonyer air TEH, BLISS,,,..take note,,air milo ,Nescafe,,kopi aq x suke
Food..x kesah,,as long tekak aq leh time,,,tpi aq x suke mayonis,,,,

Dah berpunya,,,sejak dri lahir lgi,,jodohku dh ditulis,,so im just trus menungu n menunggu tuk Allah temukan ku dengan jodohku itu,,,yang halal bagiku ^_^

Best features
Smile always ^_^,,

Tagline n advice
Remember this thing..”don’t make trouble,if u make the trouble,the rouble will trouble you..
                         …SiMPlIfy YouRsElF N BE NaTuRaLLy...

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Don’t ever judge me before u know me

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